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PT. HUSADA PRIMA or called HUPRIMA was established in early 1992 in Cepu, Central Java as one of oil country-town since the Dutch-man discovered oil in the first time around 1893 by Adrian Stoop.

At early stage, birth from CV. HUSADA PRIMA which focused mainly as consultant of Oil & Gas. Entering year 2001, PT. HUSADA PRIMA has developed into area training course and trading/supplying.
Special for this area of training, recently was based of evaluation and demand from the market to fulfill up-grading for Industrial Human Resources. We provide a unique training course combined with tour package for refreshment.

(BRING PROSPERITY & PROGRESS from Oil & Gas Industry)

Our Training Courses are suited to the need of Industrial user which are coming from variety back ground, mostly oil & gas companies. Our topics are fit for any level from manager to down level such as foreman. With supporting from our best instructors, we try to create the reliable guarantee of training to keep exist and we also cooperate with some universities as another support such laboratory facility.

Our trainings are always conducted at star recognized hotel in Yogyakarta or any other cities as clients request. We also enable to provide in-house training course or certification such for Boiler Operator Class A & B, Production Operator and etc which is approved by Government Human Resource Dept ( DEPNAKER) and Human Resource Development Center of Oil & Gas (PPT MIGAS) under Mining & Energy Dept.

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